All photos must be original work, taken by the entrants. No third party may own or control any materials the photo contains, and the photo must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, moral rights, intellectual rights, or rights of privacy of any entity or person.

1. All submissions must have a title and description.
2. The contests are open for online submissions only, through the contest page available on
3. Submissions will not be accepted once the deadline lapses.
4. Photos submitted must be at least 640 pixels on the shorter side, and no more than 2000 pixels on the longer side. Images should be no larger than 5MB. Photos must be in JPEG format.
5. You may submit three entries per contest. However, you will be able to upload only one image at a time using the websites upload function.
6. You are required to provide a unique title & description for each image submitted.
7. The same photo can be submitted for more than one contest. Photos that have won previous awards, including SocioQueen’s prior contests, may be submitted again, unless otherwise mentioned in the contest specific rules.
8. All submitted photos must contain the original EXIF metadata information. However there must be no border(s), logo(s), copyright marks, identifying marks, or any other visible references and/or marks on the image.
9. Basic editing, including color enhancement, the use of filters, and cropping of the Photo(s) is acceptable, provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the Photo(s).
10. Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is prohibited.
11. Every image uploaded is subject to a moderation process before it becomes visible on the contest page. SocioQueen reserves the right to assess and disregard any submitted photo at our its discretion.
12. Photos that portray or otherwise include inappropriate and/or offensive content, including provocative nudity, violence, human rights and/or environmental violation, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the law, religious, cultural & moral traditions and practices, are strictly prohibited and will be immediately discarded.
13. A participant who submits any such photos may be permanently banned, subject to SocioQueen’s discretion, from participating in any future contests.
14. The winner will be contacted via the email address provided during entry. If no response is received after three business days, a new winner will be selected and the previous winner will forfeit all rights to the prize.
15. Confirm that you have read the rules and regulations by clicking the submit button.

Mobile Photography Rules:

1. All submissions must have a title and description.
2. Participant can submit photo daily.
3. The contests are open for online submissions only, through the contest page available on
4. Submissions will not be accepted once the deadline lapses.
5. Photographers of all ages and countries of residence are welcome to submit images. There are no restrictions on submission eligibility unless prohibited by the jurisdiction in which the entrant resides.
6. Entrant asserts that all submitted images have been shot and/or edited (processed with apps) or otherwise created with any and all known mobile phone and tablet devices. No desktop software is permitted. Entries which do not conform to these rules will be disqualified.
7. Entrant asserts that you have the right or authorization to submit your images to the Mobile Photography Category and that the images you submit are your original work and do not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
8. You hold the SocioQueen and their respective management, judges, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, vendors, and affiliates harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from your entry.
9. Entrant grants the SocioQueen authorities and their respective management, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, vendors, partners and affiliates the right to use submitted images for promotional purposes, to feature or showcase.
10. Entrant retains 100% of the copyright to their images.
11. Entry constitutes permission to use entrant’s name and likeness for promotional and publicity purposes.
12. SocioQueen reserves the right to adjust these rules within reason and within accordance with standard practices associated with similar competitions and open gallery calls.
13. Every image that is uploaded will be judged by SocioQueen and then made visible on the site. SocioQueen reserves the right to accept or decline any entry.
14. Participants who upload offensive/inappropriate content will be permanently banned.
15. Copyrights of the submissions must be owned by the contestant.
16. Photos with watermarks, borders, logos or any kind of identifying marks will not be accepted.
17. Photo manipulation will not be accepted, only color correction, cropping or similar editing is acceptable.
18. SocioQueen reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is deemed inappropriate or does not conform to stated contest rules.
19. Entrant agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions.